Unsafe Roads of Karachi

Waderay ke baitay & defense nights:

I was on my way to home after having dinner at one of the famous Do-Darya restaurants in Karachi. As I took the road that leads from the Village restaurant to korangi road and on to shahra-e-faisal, I stopped my car at one of the signal displaying red light. One car ahead of me was a Mehran and the one ahead of that Mehran was a Honda City. As the red light turned to green, the Honda city did not move from its place as the driver was on phone talking to someone, the Mehran honked its horns multiple times and I myself honked my horn multiple times at that Mehran. Suddenly two young guys opened their Honda City doors with anger and came down wearing neat white kameez shalwar with long greasy hair and steel bangles on their wrist and gold rings on their fingers and the way they walked towards that Mehran, it was clearly visible that they were very high. They opened the doors of the mehran and while saying this sentence repeatedly “bohat jaldi horahi hai tujhe?” they started beating the young man mercilessly sitting in that Mehran. From their accent they sounded Baloch. Within mere seconds there was a whole scene on the road and people came to the rescue of the Mehran guy and apologized to the Honda city for God knows what reason. The rescuers asked the Mehran guy to leave immediately which he did and calmed the Honda City guys down who seemed to have blood thirsty eyes.

A guy standing on the side of the road while murmuring said “yeh roz ki kahani hai yahan.” This whole incident has freaked me out so much that I might never honk my horn to an upper class car in the Karachi’s defense region again.

Personal advice: Do not mess with these people. When they come to their senses in the morning, they themselves do not remember a thing they did last night. Yes we need to stand up against these people but not by a physical fight, by our votes and by our writing.