Tips For Fresh Graduates – Do(s) and Don’t(s)

So you recently graduated? That’s nice. Congratulations and welcome to the fresh hell of job market. You thought end of education will lead towards a pain free life? You my dear sir\miss are absolutely wrong. Don’t worry, I am here to help.

  1. Never do un-paid internships or management trainee work. You might think that how am I going to get and add work experience to my profile to get better jobs when I don’t have the working knowledge of my degree…! Good companies with systematic career ladder always have employee leadership and employee grooming programs, such companies first hire fresh graduates and teach them the work first meanwhile paying them at the same time too to learn the work. If someone is asking you to work for free on an MTO or Internship position in return of experience only, say no thank you.

  2. Never get hired without an appointment letter. Desperation to find the job leads many fresh graduates to get hired in local (Seth) companies who highly avoid to give appointment letters and this in long run hurts the employee. No matter how big the company is, if they are not willing to give the appointment letter, you know their mentality is very small, say no thank you.

  3. Negotiate your package 100% in advance i.e. before arriving at work on your first day. You will hear these words quite often “aap join tou karain phir hum ispay baat kartay hain…” say no thank you.

  4. Go for breakthrough performance and innovation in work\business strategies of your new jobs. There is one thing that companies love about fresh graduates and that is new ideas but here’s the advice part, do not work more then 8 hours a day unless you really really really have to for a day or two. If your employer is making you stay late at work because you are a fresh graduate, you sir will loose that freshness and enthusiasm to work within no time. If a job post says ‘we need someone who has no issues with late sitting’ you know that company is a disaster for its employees.

  5. Do proper research about the company, its owners and origins, its business model, employee benefits, market reputation and pros and cons for your future before signing up for the job or showing up for the interview and confirm anything negative about the company directly from the company employees and management.

  6. Tell your employee all that they need to know about you, do not lie to them about your qualification, work skills or any other necessary details so that they know if they are hiring the right person for the job and that you know if you will be groomed at this place or not.


If you agree with the above list. Share with your fellow pass outs and thanks for reading.