Things Pakistanis Should Do Before Getting Married

You just cannot run away from marriage in our society. Here are the top 6 things you should do before you hang yourself with free will on that marriage stage.

  1. Please for the love of God complete your education. This goes especially for all the boys out there because in Pakistan or any other south asian country, it becomes next to impossible to get your education done once you end up being married. It is not your wife or your children’s fault, it is One Hundred Percent your own fault that you cannot get your Master’s degree done now.

  2. Visit all the beautiful places that you have always dreamed of visiting. Again this is something that many people might say they want to do with their partners but if you are from a middle class family then let’s be realistic.

  3. Get a good job. A job that can easily pay for her lawn season at least otherwise let me tell you right now, you will end up in Dubai with 8 other roommates.

  4. Buy a car, permanently. Yes please buy a car. Do not put your wife through the misery of extremely hot summers of Pakistan and extremely hot (pun intended) winters of Pakistan with one child on your petrol tank, one in her arm and two back flipping on rear stand.

  5. Savings. Yes. Save some money. Do not save FOR the marriage (i.e. dholki, mehndi, doodh pilai, joota chupai, choti mangni, bari mangi, pre-shadi funtion, shadi, post-shadi function, these things are a crap produced by consumer culture) but save for what will surely come as some rainy days after the marriage.

  6. Decide at least upcoming 5 years of your life plans, if marriage is a hurdle in accomplishing those plans then you know my answer but if getting married is actually one of those plans then follow above mentioned five steps and you are good to go.




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