Dubai Shawarma – Now in Karachi

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Let’s face it. We are running out of healthy and tasty meal choices very fast in the ever growing city of Karachi, Pakistan. Every day a new pizza or a burger joint opens with little or no unique taste or selling point. Not to mention the health concerns raised with the daily consumption of pizza and burgers.

This is what the new online food delivery only food joint is focusing on. Flying in from the popular country UAE, Dubai Shawarma wants people to enjoy healthy lunch and food deals in Karachi while eliminating all that unnecessary cholesterol found in a burger or pizza. All they make is shawarmas and of all sorts. To begin with, Dubai Shawarma is focusing on Chicken shawarmas only and their USP? A Mighty Shawarma, 10 inch size available both in Pita bread and bun in Rs.399 only.

Since Dubai does everything big and bigger, the founders of Dubai Shawarma made sure that they don’t disappoint the people of Karachi by offering them something not worthy of Dubai standards. Although the service is yet to launch as they are in the beginning stages of setting up their kitchen and delivery area routes, I had the privilege to be a part of their food testing and quality assurance team and the taste was yummy with crunchy chicken pieces and mouth watering hummus and off course the size. Their first online deliveries will start from Defense and Clifton area of Karachi. For a full list of their menu, deals and delivery areas, visit their website

About Shawarma as a meal:

Shawarma is a Middle Eastern meal that came into existence more as a necessity then a luxury during the period of many different wars fought in that region. People wanted something quick and easy to make and hence shawarma was invented. Today not only the Middle East but all over the world we see shawarmas lovers including Iron Man, captain america, thor and Hulk as seen in the movie Avengers.

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How it is prepared

It is prepared by cutting the center part of pita bread. Afterwards, stuff the meat, sauce and other toppings. You can use different types of lean meat such as chicken and beef although beef shawarma is generally popular in Turkey and in other parts of the world. What sets shawarma Toronto from other sandwiches is the tahini sauce. Without the tahini sauce, shawarma is not a shawarma at all.

Fat content

A typical shawarma sandwich contains healthy fats such as monosaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat. The good thing about Middle Eastern dishes is that they are less in fatty ingredients such as lard and butter. Instead, they use olive oil and healthy fats to substitute health damaging oils.




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