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I know a lot of people in Pakistan who are full of bright ideas and want to showcase them on a platform which is of their own. Some are doctors who want to send out healthcare tips, some are businessmen who want to share their success stories and some are human resources specialists who want to create a platform of their own to share new jobs. The answer to most of them regarding that platform is a website but they don’t know where to start and what type costs are involved.

In this post today I will chart down some basic tips and helpful resources to get you up and running to create your own simple website at home for content marketing. Let’s begin. To start, you need to first setup and understand the following 3 basic things.

  1. Buy a domain
  2. Set up a hosting for that domain
  3. Install a Content Management System (CMS) onto that hosting

Please relax, these are very and fairly simple things to do. Let’s go through each of them quickly.

1. Buy a Domain: A domain is simply the name you want to choose for your website that people will type into the address bar of their internet browser to open your website. You need to acquire this name from a domain registering service. My personal favorites are and Let’s take GoDaddy as an example here. The process is fairly simple. Type in the name that you think suits the best to your needs and business in the ‘Find your perfect domain name’ search bar as shown below and press search domain.

How to build a website at home - digital marketing
Web service to find & register a website name.

As an example, I typed in ‘Best Doctor In Karachi’ as shown below it is available to register at the moment with a .com extension. Make sure your domain name is unique and is available with a .com extension in order for your website to get a broader reach.

domain registering in pakistan

2. Set up a hosting for your newly bought domain\website name: (You just bought a car and now need a garage or parking spot to park it where you can start customization of it according to your needs.) A hosting service gives you space on its platform where the content of your website rests.  There are many hosting providers and people choose them based on their personal needs but to keep things simple I will mention the GoDaddy hosting service and its benefits.

To begin with, the economy level package should be enough for you and you can later upgrade it once having the proper understanding of your website target audience and the amount of work and traffic you anticipate. Good thing is that if you buy hosting from this service, you get a domain name for free which means you don’t have to pay the price mentioned in the above screenshot. (Note: The domain and hosting costs shown here may fluctuate time to time.)

website hosting - digital marketing - salman gul
Website hosting service

Once your account is setup, it will take around 30 minutes for GoDaddy to set up your domain name and hosting. Once it’s done, go into My Account and click on the web-hosting as shown below. Upon clicking, you will see your domain\website name. Click the launch button shown on the right side of it.

setting up web hosting on go daddy - digital marketing - salman gul

3. Install a Content Management System (CMS) onto that hosting: Once you click the launch button you will see a Popular Apps section under Options & Settings area and what you want to do here is click the WordPress icon. Word press is the most popular and one of the easiest content management systems that allow its users to build and customize their website according to their needs.

how to create your own website

After clicking the WordPress icon, you will need to setup the title of your website, consider it like a tagline of your website along with the username and password to reach to the admin panel of your website. It is a 4 step mini process and pretty self-explanatory. Once done, in the same My Account are you will see a side panel named Account Snapshot where the installation time of your WordPress content management system will be displayed upon hovering the mouse on top of it.

create a website in pakistan karachi

Once installation completes, your website is now ready. Just directly go into the address bar and type in your website name and hit enter. In order to reach the admin area of your website put /wp-admin in front of it. Example if your website name is, put and hit enter. It will bring you to the following screen.

wordpress login area - digital marketing - salman gul

In the above fields, you will type in the username and password that you chose while completing the WordPress installation in my account area of your GoDaddy web hosting. Once logged in, you will end up on the following screen where you can start creating your blog posts and articles.

wordpress add new post area

We will go into further details in my next blog regarding what goes into creating the perfect post\article but for now, hit the publish button on you newly created post and now you have your own personal website where you can publish your content and share it with the world.

Create Your Own Simple Website At Home

Hope you liked this post of how to create your own simple website at home and will share it with the people in need of this knowledge. For any queries or feedback comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks





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